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South Florida’s robust housing market attracts buyers from across the globe. Many of the area’s priciest and most luxurious enclaves are filled with part-time residents who use their properties as investments and vacation homes. Involvement with association matters and communications with personnel for some of these well-heeled owners can sometimes be minimal, so it is up to the associations and their property management to go above and beyond the normal call of duty to ensure they are always connecting with these owners through all the proper channels.

For communities with a disproportionately high level of part-time residents who primarily live elsewhere, the best approach is a proactive one. Association personnel should make contact and confirm they are connecting with such owners through exchanges of emails or calls as necessary, but at the very least on an annual basis. They should use these communications simply to ensure the owners are receiving all of the community’s correspondence, and to ask if there are any updates to the contact information.

Communication-300x102Associations should be sure to always maintain and use, in addition to the property address, owners’ actual address for their primary residences as well as their email address and mobile phone number. How and when to use each of these for every piece of association correspondence should be set as a matter of policy by association directors with the help and guidance of qualified property management and legal professionals.

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