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For condominium associations in Florida, a range of legal and regulatory obligations govern their operations and help to ensure the well-being of residents and the preservation of their property values. Staying current with these requirements is paramount for condominium boards and managers as they navigate the complex compliance landscape. As we approach the midpoint of 2023, several significant deadlines loom on the horizon, demanding attention and proactive action from condominium communities statewide.

Two-Way Radio Communication Enhancement Systems:
By January 1, 2025, all high-rise buildings, as defined by the Florida Building Code, are required to comply with minimum radio strength for fire department communications and two-way radio communication enhancement systems as required by the Florida Fire Prevention Code. Existing high-rises that are not yet in compliance with the requirements must apply for an appropriate permit for the required installation with the local government agency having jurisdiction by January 1, 2024, and they must demonstrate that the building will become compliant by the January 1, 2025 deadline.

Deadline-300x181Milestone Inspection:
An owner, or owners, of a building that is three stories or more in height, as determined by the Florida Building Code, and that is subject in whole or in part to the condominium or cooperative form of ownership must have a milestone inspection performed by December 31 of the year in which the building reaches 30 years of age, based on the date the certificate of occupancy for the building was issued, and every 10 years thereafter.

If a building reaches 30 years of age before July 1, 2022, the building’s initial milestone inspection must be performed by December 31, 2024.

If a building reaches 30 years of age on or after July 1, 2022, and before December 31, 2024, the building’s initial milestone inspection must be performed before December 31, 2025.

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