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A recent report by 7News (WSVN-FOX) about crocodiles near the bayfront Nirvana Condominium in Miami’s Upper East Side neighborhood spotlighted residents’ concerns and the association’s response. It illustrates how it is essential for associations to take appropriate actions whenever they are made aware of potentially dangerous wildlife incursions in their community.

“It’s scary . . . There’s a big croc here, and its potentially dangerous for dogs and the kids . . . We’re just worried about the dogs and especially the safety of the little children,” said residents who spoke with the station’s reporter.

The residents tell the station they have spotted the crocodile for months, and building management and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have been made aware of the situation.

In response, members of the FWC have visited and investigated, and Nirvana’s property management sent an email alerting residents and instructing them to stay away from the water after dark. It also warned that they should be especially cautious when kayaking, paddle boarding and swimming in the bay.

gator-sign-300x225This email and the outreach to the FWC are great first steps. Property management or other association representatives should also obtain and consider the recommendations from the agency’s wildlife officers, and they should contact professional trappers for their expert advice and input. The installation of permanent warning signs, physical barriers and other measures may also be in order.

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